Novi City Council urging regional leaders to put regional transit tax on November ballot

Councilwoman Kelly Breen said she supported the resolution as it was a simple request to let the people vote.

“While I understand the concerns from my colleagues on the merits of the proposal, this was a request to put it on the ballot,” said Breen. “Two years ago, the residents of Novi voted down a similar proposal by less than 900 votes. Circumstances change, and this proposal has the potential to help a lot of people.

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Why I'm Running

It boils down to three things: (1) Public Service is my calling. (2) I LOVE the law - I understand it, and I know in its purest form it represents all that is fair and just, and I know how to craft it so that it can come as close as possible to that perfect intention. (3) Fate and karma don’t give a damn about my timeline.

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Female House Candidates Discuss Stance On Statewide Issues

Indivisible Huron Valley sponsored “A Woman’s Place is in the (State) House” at the Susan Haskew Arts Center Wednesday night. The non-partisan group's event was moderated by State Representative Kristy Pagan of District 21. Female candidates from both parties were invited to participate in the panel discussion; however no Republican candidates were in attendance. Six candidates from neighboring districts weighed in on issues like healthcare, keeping youth in Michigan and funding for infrastructure repairs and schools. Oakland County's candidates included Aditi Bagchi, Kelly Breen, Laura Dodd and Regina Strong.

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