Safety in Our Society

I am willing to work with everyone and anyone to keep our kids and our communities safe.  And I'm willing to accept a wide variety of opinions on any number of topics.  But let's get one thing straight:  more guns equals more gun violence. When we can't go to the library, or our child's spring concert, or even hear a car backfire without fear of stray or targeted bullet, that’s no way for us to live. 


We aren’t doing enough. And there is no single factor, statistic or scenario that encapsulates the entire scope of violence.  One thing is for sure - this is a multifaceted problem and it requires multifaceted solutions.  

We all know this - it starts at home.  It starts with respect for family and friends, and learning empathy and compassion along with strength and resilience.  The Sandy Hook Promise, an organization I have been part of for years, has developed programs that mitigate violence without even mentioning firearms. I have been bringing these programs to local schools, and parts of these programs are already being implemented.  

But it does not stop there.  We can and should do better. Let's keep weapons out of the hands of those who should never have them.  This includes perpetrators of domestic violence, child and animal abuse, and people on the "No Fly" list.  Let's have some serious discussions about what types of firearms should be available to the public and what we can do to get them out of circulation.  Our background check system needs to be airtight, consistently enforced, and respected.  

Law enforcement must have all proper tools and resources at their disposal to keep our community safe while balancing the rights of firearm owners.  That means giving local control to the very people that know their neighbors, but providing a judicial avenue to right any wrongs.  

On City Council and in Lansing or wherever I may be - it's my job to work for all my constituents, whether I agree with them or not.  And I will sit, listen, learn and do whatever it takes to work this out.

There's just one thing I am not going to budge on - unless it's a member of Seal Team Six or any other highly trained and vetted agency - keep the guns out of our kids' schools.