Schools: Protecting Our Kids is Protecting Our Future.  

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Protecting our kids is protecting our future.  Increasing commitments and investments into our public school system is not just a sign that you care about kids, but good business sense. Schools are one of the most important factors a family considers when deciding where to move.

I attended private school before graduating from Northville Public Schools.  I am the daughter of one teacher, and wife to another. I also understand that when it comes to our kids and education, "one size" does not "fit all" - and that there must be room to figure out what best works for each child and each community.  

But let's be fair - it's a proven fact that when our public schools are doing well, our kids are doing well.  And when our kids succeed, our communities THRIVE.   Our public education system is the building block of the American Dream, and the cornerstone of a healthy middle class.  

I will go full throttle to hold schools accountable, keep classroom sizes manageable, and give teachers the resources they need to prepare our kids for the challenges they will face today, tomorrow and years after they graduate.  Our children deserve far more than curriculum designed to "teach to the test" - they deserve music, art, and vocational classes that will keep them inquisitive and appreciate all this world has to offer.  The schools in the 38th District consistently perform at the highest levels and we should work together to not just keep it that way, but make them better.